OLDER BETTER STRONGER documentary information

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“OLDER BETTER STRONGER” is a series of feature length documentaries about well-being, longevity and health, with the aim to inspire humanity on how to be stronger on many levels of life. It’s a unique mix of animation effects, video technique and important philosophy.

The film will reach most countries of the world, and will be translated into 52 languages.

The main difference in comparison to other documentary films

The main difference is that they merely deliver information and excitement. However, a week after watching a film, if one asks what has actually changed in their life, there is often no change at all. Most documentaries lack transformative power. They function like other TV content – fulfilling the role of keeping viewers engaged so they will spend more time watching and viewing ads. OLDER BETTER STRONGER is different. It is something you will be eager to implement in your life.


I have produced animations for the world-famous animated series “The Garfield Show”, visual elements for the feature-length film “Suicide Room”, and 3D projects for some of the largest brands, including Amazon, Orange, and BNY Mellon. I have also created music for the TV show “Presidential Election”, studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, gaining extensive knowledge in psychology and philosophy. In collaboration with renowned experts, I lead my project OLDER BETTER STRONGER.

The main purpose of the film is to explain the many levels on which we can improve our lives, health and humanity in general. There are hundreds of solutions and philosophies, therefore, limiting yourself to just a few of the most popular ways, such as: a healthy diet, physical activity or sleep, is a waste of most of our potential.

Some of the levels are available only after developing a more spiritual side, on others we can work through the solutions brought by science, some are related to visual aesthetics, or limited to people who understand how immune and nervous systems work. Tere is no possibility to become OLDER BETTER STRONGER if we ignore other areas of life: education system, politics, work environment, the relationship between business and science, human connections, family models, relationships dynamics and more.

We can’t simplify life to a healthy diet and exercise. Sometimes technology will make you better or younger in a blink of an eye, and no healthy carrot can do that. An old man may discover a sudden improvement, because finally he has grandchildren that gave him a new fulfilling purpose in life.

But sometimes particles of car tires, smog or microplastics which people inhale everyday in big cities can drastically lower their chances to live well. Sometimes, to stay young, you have to stop acting your age and work on hormones to express your masculinity or femininity to the fullest, like Sylvester Stallone, who has allowed himself to play energetic alpha male characters in stories that are usually reserved for younger actors. It is just a small part of what we can achieve if we expand our consciousness and look at things from a broader perspective.

The campaign will also be supported by short inspirational films like the one below, both featuring the philosophy and voice-over by Pawel Lipka

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There will be local screenings of the film in many cities with the population over 25 thousand of citizens. By becoming a partner in your city you gain recognition in local media, in the form of articles, teasers and trailers of the film, connected with your company information, logo and the possibility of a brief (max. 7 minutes) speech presenting your solutions during local screenings. But there is no obligation to attend or speak at the film screening.

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