Powerful VS Weak

Powerful VS Weak

Most people react to diseases in the same pattern. They live their lives, doing their things, and suddenly, a disease happens. Their reaction is: “Oh my god, I need to fix this and get back to my normal life”. What if your life has never been normal? What if you are a walking list of potential diseases that you work on every single day? And even the dream of going back to normal is like returning to the point that generated your current disease in the first place?

Do you believe that by being weak you can have a strong heart, stomach, mind, or nervous system? Is it rational to expect that? Many of us love to read articles about healthy lifestyle, immunity or new ways of dealing with diseases. But the major problem with, for instance, immunity, is that a weak person cannot have strong immunity. And if you even work on immunity, but neglect other aspects of life, there is a small chance of improvement.

So if you expect your inner organs to be powerful and healthy, are you powerful in general? Look at people’s lives. There are many sources of influence that make us weaker or stronger every single day. By being powerful, I don’t mean dominant and in a position of power. It is just a small part of it and can be neglected to some extent. But…

If you work in a corporation in an unimportant or average position, low in the social hierarchy, and easy to replace – you are not powerful at this level of your life.
If you’re perceived as ugly and society (and nature) admire and promote beauty, because beauty is related to strength – then you’re not powerful at this level of your life.
Or if you’re 50, but have decided to follow new trends and stay single, with no kids. The upcoming years and decades, according to many psychologists, will make you a miserable and lonely human being – so you’re not powerful at this level of your life.
Or you believe that when winter comes, you should wear warm clothes and avoid cold temperatures at all costs – therefore, you have no idea how to strengthen yourself and your immunity.
Or you are overly sensitive and nice, even if it’s against your true values. But you somehow don’t recognize that being overly sensitive on a mental level can influence your nervous system and can make your inner organs and biological processes act overly sensitive and weak.
Or you go shopping, but in most shops, most food items are filled with unhealthy substances. You buy them anyway because everyone does, and this is what most shops offer, because they don’t care.
Or you live in a place where there is a lot of smog, and you inhale it every day. But you don’t even have the courage to criticize a neighbor for burning plastic in the stove and emitting carcinogenic substances through the chimney. So, you’re doubly weak – on a physical and mental level at once. Bravo!

These are just a few examples because understanding other levels requires a bit of explanation. We all have certain weaknessess, we can’t get rid of. But most are manageable.
And you can simply assess if you are powerful or weak. Just connect this with your aging, diseases, or general happiness in life. Because it is connected. And if you are a weak human being, working on your health and dealing with diseases is a very challenging task.

It is not easy to achieve all that, because our society is designed to encourage averageness. Most cars look average, most jobs are average. It is also good to keep you average, because you are easier to manage. But please don’t become obsessed with conspiracy theories.

The goal of my film OLDER BETTER STRONGER is not to focus on some conspiratorial theories like many documentaries do. We humans seem to act so foolishly by ourselves that we basically don’t need conspiracy theories to be weak. And if you believe it can be balanced with a healthy diet or enough sleep – you’re wrong.

Consider when some adventurer discovers an old human tribe – those people still run with sticks and hunt for animals. What conspiracy theory made them this way? Check how they look on their paleo diets, do you see strength and well-defined muscles? Where are their healthy teeth? Why they don’t live until 150? They live without smog, without pesticides, without all these processed and bad food we eat every day. So, according to what diet and fitness experts tell us, they should all look and feel like a group of Matthew McConaugheys and Victoria Secret’s models. All those tribe members eat healthily, are physically active, and sleep well (instead of spending time on their smartphones at night). So what’s the problem? They are also not significantly powerful on many levels. And they still struggle with tons of diseases.

There is a small chance that they are all victims of conspiracy theories.

So let’s not focus 100% of your energy on blaming others, such as big pharma, governments or your boss. I’m not saying they are all good. But I know that by watching exciting news or films about negative emotions and criticizing others, we just achieve one goal – we’re having a good time. Because all these negative emotions are the best form of entertainment. That’s why we love films about wars, conflicts, or problems with love. I’m happy that we can enjoy spending our time, but let’s not neglect other things, so we can improve on a very simple, but a very important scale – the scale between being a weak or a powerful human being.

And my documentary OLDER BETTER STRONGER teaches about this exact thing.

We can all reach for a spectrum of ideas and solutions that will let us become OLDER BETTER STRONGER. Sometimes it may be red-light therapy or an air purifier. Sometimes it may be about improving your physical appearance, which is also connected with biological processes. For instance, let’s think of balding men. While being completely bald can be seen as attractive and masculine, balding isn’t, because you look and feel weaker and unattractive. Maintaining a masculine appearance can increase testosterone levels, reduce cortisol, and potentially ward off depression and other cognitive and mental disorders. And hormone levels can impact various aspects of life, including personal relationships, career progression, healthspan, immunity, and many biological processes. When you are aware that this simple problem may so significantly influence other things you have motivation and knowledge to deal with it. Sometimes just by cutting your hair. Sometimes by using new technological solutions to regrow hair or by doing a hair transplant. And sometimes by learning the art of not giving a f… about what other people think of you. But still you have to do something. The false assumption that visual appearance is only about visual appearance may lead to other problems.

Also, your spiritual life is important, but not necessarily more important than choosing the right toothpaste. Or stem cell therapy if it’s available and you need it. We have to be open for everything that leads us to achieving the state of OLDER BETTER STRONGER.

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